A Message from MCVMC

The Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Commission is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization that is dedicated to honoring our heroes, remembering our history, educating the public, and bringing awareness to the needs of Veterans and first responders in the community, state, and country. The Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Park and Education Center will pay reverent tribute to all Veterans, first responders, and their families from across our communities, this state, and our country who have sacrificed while serving for the cause of freedom, protection, and liberty.

About the Park

The Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Park is a place of memorialization, celebration, collaborative learning, and a destination for all. It is a gift to the nation which will highlight, honor, and foster the incredible spirit of public service.

Four major structures will anchor The Park. The Memorial, The Line, Victory Row, and the Visitors’ and Education Center. The Memorial will be a classical structure which commemorates and honors the service of past, present, and future Veterans. The Line is an experiential pathway with the names of Veterans engraved on the man-made berms lining the path. Victory Row commemorates all branches of the United States Military. In addition to its mission to honor and educate, The Park will provide a meaningful economic impact for Montgomery County, Texas and the City of Conroe, Texas with an influx of visitors using the park and its amenities, particularly those of The Visitors’ and Education Center.

The Memorial will contain a series of galleries where Veterans, the public, educators, and students can come together and learn about the tragedies and triumphs of the men and women who served their countries and communities in war and peacetime. The Memorial will be a historical touchstone for the general public. It will link the past to the present and enable people to remember and respect the sacrifice of those who died, fought, and participated in conflicts around the globe.

Our Vision

The Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Park will be extremely unique in the realm of Veterans and war memorials. While Texas and its communities host hundreds of beautiful memorials across the state honoring the service and sacrifice of military men and women, most consist primarily of memorialization space and monuments.

These places of reverence are vital in showing respect and providing a place of somber reflection. In contrast, The Park is intended to embrace an enhanced mission which brings people together in active tribute, inspires mentorship, as well as provided a hub for the transfer of knowledge, resources, and traditions.

As a result, this park and its amenities are purposely designed to serve not only as a place of remembrance and reflection, but also of community gathering, education, as a center for fostering service, and a foundry for teaching others what it means to be of service to one’s community. Furthermore, the Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Commission also sees the Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Park as a means to highlight the beauty and community of Montgomery County as a destination for visitors and new residents. As one of the fastest growing areas in the nation, Montgomery County and the City of Conroe are fast becoming a location for diverse and broad economic and social diversity. The Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Park will effectively contribute to this fabric by providing others yet another reason to visit Montgomery County. The essence of this entire endeavor is to create a living space that represents an active, rather than passive, memorial park. A place that attracts visitors and nurtures our values to active service on a daily basis.