About the Memorial

The Veterans Memorial Commission (VMC) will construct a memorial, now known as (The Memorial) to pay tribute and to recognize the sacrifice of the United States Veterans and their families, dependents and children of the United States Veterans who served and are now serving this country.

  • THE MEMORIAL will be a forum for edification, education, and inspiration.
  • THE MEMORIAL will contain a series of galleries where veterans, the public, educators, and students can come together and learn about the tragedies and triumphs of the men and women who served their country in war and peacetime.
  • THE MEMORIAL will be an educational hub into the classrooms of the county, the state and country via it interactive web site.
  • THE MEMORIAL will play host to guest lecturers and speakers from across the county on all topics of interest to the general public.

The VMC will coordinate with the Veterans Administration and the Veterans Administration’s Outpatient Clinic in Conroe, Texas, programs, consultations, group sessions, and the meetings designed to benefit the veterans and the family of the veteran.  These events will be held and coordinated at the site of The Memorial or on the park grounds of The Memorial.

The VMC will use all resources of electronic media, internet services, and computer communication networks to promote issues, history, current events happenings, and topical news items that effect the veterans and the veteran’s family and lineage.  The Memorial must and will represent the community’s chosen method of remembrance and the VMC will reflect and safeguard those methods.

The names of those recorded in The Memorial may well be only remembered and recorded in The Memorial making it important, if not imperative, to preserve it to honor and commemorate those individual’s sacrifice.

The Memorial will be a historical touchstone for the general public.  It will link the past to the present and enable people to remember and respect the sacrifice of those who died, fought, and participated in conflicts around the globe.  The Memorial will be a visual reminder of the loss of life associated with war, the sacrifice of those who served and those now serving, and the sacrifice and suffering of those families.  This will result in The Memorial becoming a visitor’s attraction or a place of pilgrimage and, as such, will have an immense value to the Montgomery County.  The Memorial will be a sobering reminder of the sacrifices that just ordinary people have made in times of great conflict and deadly struggles and will collectively represent these sacrifices in fine examples of art and architecture.

The VMC will not only be charged with the responsibility of the physical plant of The Memorial, but the grounds adjoining The Memorial, making this project a huge public art work that expresses the emotions of war, relief, sorrow and/or celebration of victory.