Our Vision

Honoring United States Military Veterans and their families, who with their allies, have sacrificed and served for the cause of freedom, liberty, and justice.

Mission Statement

Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Commission is a nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring our military heroes and first responders. We are dedicated to remembering our history, educating the public, and bringing awareness to the needs of our Veterans, first responders, and their families in our communities, states, and country.

Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Commission (MCVMC):


Jimmie C. Edwards III


Judy Chance Duroy

Chief Financial Officer

Conroe Mayor Pro Tem
Duke Coon

Director of Community Development

Rob Eissler

Director of Governmental Relations

Raven Rivero

Director of Outreach & Education Programs

Shannon Novak

Director of Veterans Affairs

Dr. Rebecca Howard

Director of History & Archives

Brenda Webb

Director of Economic Development

Gari Lynn Hessong

Director of Veterans Communications

Henry Caylen

Director of Security & Operations

James Gaskins

Director of Capital Investments

George Zamora

Director of Construction & Facilities

Michael L. Durham

Director of Legal Affairs

Georgiann Christopher

Director of Veterans Operations

Jennifer Allen

Office Administrator