The Vision of the Future

Jimmie Edwards III
Retired United States Marine Corps Cpl.

Since the Revolution, nine generations of Montgomery County Veterans have established an unbroken commitment to our freedom. The willingness of American Veterans to sacrifice for our county has earned them our lasting gratitude.

Personally, I feel our veterans and their families have kept their end of the bargain and it is time to honor them.  In the past, a lot of our veterans did not have a choice, they were drafted and a lot of them felt dishonored when they returned home.  (i.e. Vietnam)

We are so blessed to still have a lot of young patriots that are have faith in our great community and country and are willing to volunteer for service.  We as a community and a free nation need to show them how proud we are.  The young patriots now returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and other deployments worldwide are joining the ranks of veterans to whom American owes an immense debt of gratitude.

When this Memorial is finished, you will walk the Victory Path to this beautiful Memorial with a wall with all Veterans names on it, overlooking the Veterans Reflection Pond. After you take time at the memorial you will be able to walk over a bridge to our Veterans Park with walking paths in the wooded areas to have family time.  We will also have an active web page where the Vets can tell their stories.  Students will be able to look up a veteran and read their story and find out a little history on service people that part of the world.

Therefore, as a private citizen of Montgomery County I would like to see this elegant Memorial be built. It will not only be a place for the Veterans to reflect but will also show them that this community holds them in such high esteem that Montgomery County was willing to build them with this honorable Memorial.

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Jimmy C. Edwards, Chairman